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Project Title:

Zentle /Ani's Year In The Garden

Client: TrimBot 2020 Project


Campaign Director: Raquel Sofer


Brief: Produce a 5m short fictional human - robot - interaction story as outreach for the TrimBot2020 Project. Film to be created in a visual and narrative language suitable for preschool children. Encourage children, especially girls in to interest in S.T.E.M. subject sin later life at school to provide them ultimately with a foundation for considering S.T.E.M. subjects at higher education level. Share film with audiences across Europe and worldwide where possible.



Campaign:  Creation of  a little girl's world where her best friends are her mummy, her robot and her dog! Build an AR film using CGI treated footage of the real life TrimBot robot along side illustrated and animated female lead, Ani, her mummy and her dog, Zinn. Introduce complex concepts of coding and machine learning via play in the form of visually delightful topiary dinoaurs and reinforce the concept of outdoor gardening by setting story in a garden that visually changes seasons across the film - while Ani, Zinn and mummy work in all seasons.



1 x 5m mixed reality short film, 'Ani's Year in the Garden'.

1 x digital media centre for press and media and educators:

Results: 100,000 +audience reach. Above average click through rates achieved on social media platforms.

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Project Title: Command_and_Control

Client: University of Edinburgh

Participating Partners: NCSC.

Campaign Director: Raquel Sofer

Brief: Engage youth audiences with cyber security education to address rising data exfiltration awareness amongst. youth, encourage cyber resilience and changed behaviour, and to encourage youth into coding education pathways and careers.


Campaign: Take the story to where the audience is: on their phones. Develop a story centred around two young people playing a contest to win their dream life via an app that has a backdoor being exploited by blackhats.  With the intimate data of their everyday lives and secrets being collected and used against them by an anonymous forces, we see our protagonaists reach crisis point: Code Red.

1 x 4m film: Command_and_Control

1 x digital site presence:

Digital focus group and survey analaytics reporting

Results: in development/ongoing

Selected to be featured at 2019 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' pitching session to children's media producers at 2019 Children's Media Conference.

Won exclusive six month distribution talks with Jetpack Distribution for youth audiences at 2019 Children's Media Conference.