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Project Title(s):  Girls in Tech and

Women in AI

Client:  School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

Campaign Director: Raquel Sofer

Brief: Create 2 x 3m short films, one on undergraduate women who
chose to study AI, and other on postgraduate and faculty women

pursuing careers in AI. Each film to spotlight diversity and inclusivity

within the field, and encourage next generation of girls and women all

over the world who may be considering futures in computing science.

Attract national and international excellence and creativity to Edinburgh. Support each 3m short with a series of short stories of individual girls and women and their paths into AI. Work to be consisten with Athena SWAN* Silver Award status of the School of Informatics.

*(Scientific Women's Academic Network)



1 x 3m short film: Girls in Tech

1 x 3m short film: Women in Informatics

30 x 2m personal stories by indivuals, delivered in English and other languages as spoken by participants.

32 x subtitled films shot in English, Mandarin, Russian, French, Lithuanian. Spanish, and German.

Girls In Tech
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