Our work has helped our different client projects reach combined print, live and broadcast media audiences of between 20,000 and 7m people depending on the project type, budget and campaign scale.
We work to classic, complex and creative briefs and adapt an approach that's the right fit for the story, the audience, and the the time of release.
We're not afraid to be non traditional or bold where we know it will win the hearts and minds of our client's intended audience and the press as our champions.
Our recent work has seen us deliver stories in integrated roobtics and computer vision,  artificial intelligence, humanoid robotics and semi autonomous systems, cyber security and mobile data exfiltration.
Click through on the boxes below to learn more about our results driven approach and recent campaigns that delivered for our clients.
Watch Tomorrow's Stories Today our short film highlighting selected classic science communication work from the last five years.
Click here for more detail on work we recently delivered under classic storytelling briefs highlighting women and girls in S.T.E.M
Watch the trailer for 'Cutting Hedge Research' a film we made on the world's first mobile autonomous outdoor gardening robot.
To watch the full length film, see the digital media centre we created for the project and more details of the work we have delivered under complex storytelling briefs, click here.
See the dialogue free motion graphics reel for a Command_and_Control, a cyber security story for UK youth we developed for the National Cyber Security Centre.
For fuller details and to watch the sixty second project trailer,  click here.