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Twenty years ago, on Nov 20 2000, in Tokyo, Honda unveiled its Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility humanoid robot: ASIMO.


In 2009 we were part of the team that brought the most advanced humanoid in the world to Edinburgh.

Over one weekend in April, over 9000 people and the world's media descended on McEwan Hall where in a Live Experience

that we produced, they learned about robotics, met the robot, and got the selfies to prove it.

Click here to watch an 8m behind the scenes short on what went into producing a live experience with all the elements of what makes live experiences so raising to deliver: sold out shows, queues round the block, script changes to the last minute, rehearsals, press corps, children, technology and...of course a very special robot.

We would do it all over again in a heartbeat - or on production of a circuit schematic!

Happy 20th ASIMO.

Come back soon.

Let's do it again.

ASIMO IN EDINBURGH 2009 PROJECT PARTNERS                                              w     wwww

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